Arms Of Love Carmen Marcoux Pdf

Arms of Love by Carmen Marcoux

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Joanie's family also feels unrealistic. It was in context, because Jonie was converting Brandon, but readers got more than a hint that the Jesus lectures were just as much aimed at them as at Brandon.

It was hard to relate to Joanie because she was j This book was a wonderful Christmas gift given to me by a friend. Besides that, it's super cheesy. Meanwhile, Joanie is battling to resist his advances, as she earnestly seeks to bring Jesus into Brandon's life. Open Preview See a Problem?

As I am extremely Catholic and conservative myself, this was totally natural for me. But if you s This is a book from a Catholic point of view. Something that really bothered me about this book was how petty it was. Recommended by several friends.

Arms of love carmen marcoux pdf

Definitely agree that some areas are over the top, but overall it was still a good read. There are also some parts of the book that seem very out of place and left me wondering why the author included them. Despite absolutely no previous indication that she had any problem with it? Male or female, anyone can learn from it!

What beautiful truth wrapped in a lovely, romantic tale. This book was cheesecake on two cheese crackers, but I loved the message and the inspiration behind it. In January of Carmen was inspired to write a novel about courtship and chastity.

What I didn't like is below. Would Brandon stay Catholic? Lines like that were a huge turn off for me. Those in search of clean romance.

Arms of love carmen marcoux pdfArms of love carmen marcoux pdf

In my experience, girls who wear their faith on their sleeve put guys off. The story would be more realistic and helpful if it showed the couple working through legitimate challenges together.

But it doesn't happen as Arms of Love tells it. Following the publishing of Arms of Love, the Marcoux family embarked on a ministry of promoting purity, ganvam pdf chastity and courtship. Trivia About Arms of Love. And she loved them for giving her guidelines.

That makes it enjoyable, but every time one picks it up one must absorb the bad writing. However, it does maintain a distinct timeline which is easy to follow. One incident I found particularly hard to swallow was Maggie's supernatural knowledge of Brandon's spiritual attack.

All of these ratings are on a scale. Now back to the review, i was given this book a few years back by a friend. This was incredible heart wrenching book for me.

Arms of Love

Arms of love carmen marcoux pdf

Also, the two plots romance and Christianity were so intertwined as to leave you with only one plot. Each have conclusions that may be too simple and sweet for some. Maybe the message was good, but I wasn't able to get past how just plain boring the book was.

Arms of love carmen marcoux pdf

It shows the importance of chastity, the beauty of courtship, etc etc. Even though I agree with the worldview and religious beliefs of the characters, the teachable elements don't exactly come across seamlessly. Other books in the series. As mentioned above, Brandon and Joanie are portrayed as pretty near perfect. Not Brandon so much, as I was viewing the story from his perspective so he was me.

At the time, I wasn't very familiar with charismatic Catholicism, but that seems to be what their church is. Don't even bother with it. They belong to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish where they are actively involved in youth, family and music ministries.

It was a book set in my world. Overall, I got something out of reading this, despite all of the things that annoyed me. Litur This was a nice read, and the concept of a chaste courtship was refreshing. No one converts that quickly. But nothing tops how simply wrong the message of the story is.