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Notification will be an enhancement in a future release. What are the password requirements? You may not have an active account. Select the program catalog from the home page and select the position you want to be trained for. Leaders whose membership expire will automatically be in a day lapsed period and will continue to appear on rosters until after the lapse period ends.

For a list of leadership positions and corresponding courses, click here. No, the modules can be taken in any order.

Once published, announcements will automatically show up in this tool. Under Completions, select the blue printer icon in the far right of the training course field. How do I launch another training module once I finished viewing the video? For a list of eligible roles, click on the information button next to Functional Position in the tool.

If you have already completed your position-specific training, you will show trained in My. What training should be taken to become trained for my position? Where are the health and safety training courses or district level training courses?


Will the modules remember where I left off if I leave in the middle of a module? Where do I go to take training? Additional functional roles will be available as needed and as new tools are developed. Will the learning plans only reflect my primary registration role or does it include multiple registrants? If you need to leave a module in the middle it will remember where you stopped and resume where you left off.

Do I need to update security questions? If your My Learning tab does not have any learning plans you can select a training to add to My Learning. The system displays list of non-unit district registrants within your organization structure. If you have trouble logging in to My. While in My Dashboard, click the pancake symbol in the upper left corner, then select My Account from the drop down list.

You can also create committees. What constitutes a Trained Leader?

Select the Home or Back buttons within the tool. Once a sub organization is created in Organization Manager, click on the sub organization name. Select Add Sub Organization in the tool, enter a name and a short description and select Create.

How do I print my certificate? How can I add additional registrations to my profile? Select the Manage Organization link on the top right of the screen. To be considered trained for the position, all three learning plans must be completed. What do the numbers represent next to the sub organization name and the member name?

Boy scouts of america manual pdf

Why can I not update my name and date of birth in My Profile? Can I post any announcements or calendar events? To have one of these items changed you will need to contact your council. The best thing to do is to contact our council Registrar at and ask to merge your two accounts.

While on the Organization Details page, click on the functional position, then select the leader whose functional position you wish to expire. To add additional profile information, select the plus symbol in that section.

Changing primary settings requires you to log out of My. How do I go back a step in the tool without losing my work? Call our council Registrar at and ask for your number. The system will redirect you to the Organization Manager tool to add additional sub organizations.

Are there instructions on how to use the tool? Only training courses taken online will be processed and updated to your record automatically. Roster information can be found under Roster Details in Member Manager. What is a sub organization?

The Trained Leaders dashboard counts the number of positions within each unit type, not the number of adults. Ask your unit leader or unit commissioner.

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The official Boy Scout handbook

Be specific in naming your sub organization s i. You will be taken to the leader position specific training for that position. This feature is located under Menu, Legacy Web Tools. Select Course Catalog from the navigation bar.

Boy scouts of america manual pdf

It is run separately by the national Boy Scouts of America organization, and not by our local council. Yes, google search engine optimization starter guide 2011 pdf each tool has a help manual. Security questions are case sensitive.

The learning plan is now added to your My Learning. Who has access to the Organization Security Manager Tool? What positions can print membership cards? Once you have completed all three learning plans to be position-specific trained, a blue arrow will appear on the learning plan that denotes that a certificate is available.

Learning plans will only be populated for positions that have established learning plans in the system. It is recommended that you update your security questions to help when resetting your My. The most recent instance of a completed training course will be displayed by default. How can I print a training certificate that I completed? You do not need to take any additional courses.

Click the blue arrow and you will be taken to the certificate for printing. Where can I find instructions on how to use the tool? Review the full list of learning plans available.