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Because the spaces have to be narrow to get everything onto one page, I've only put five entries per page. Whatever software you use must format your data according to all regulatory requirements for the required information. Do you prefer to keep manual records or do you use an electronic solution?

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We focus on your next inspection and provide you the knowledge, tools and support you need to rest assured you are compliant. Has made life much easier. This topic has been archived. Several functions may not work. Send a private message to mostholycerebus.

Beyond doing something to it that's necessary, though, this is what I plan to stick with. The only thing I would change is adding editable fields to the Page No. It also must have a printing feature so any record can be made physical. Scan firearm barcoded serial numbers to speed data entry and improve accuracy. The support has been great.

03 FFL (C&R) Bound Book Template - Gear

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As my business is growing and my needs for the software are adapting, Bryan has listened to my complaints and recommendations to help improve the software. See Avoiding Public Safety Violations for tips on maintaining accurate records. Learn More Here Still have Questions? Convenient and Low Cost Options! Strictly speaking, though, it's not in their mandated format.

Cloud based, always on, and always available. Thank you for all the help. Just print it out and keep it in a folder or binder. Access from your desktop, laptop, kiosk, iPad or smart phone. Backups are painless and status is visually available at all times.

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Second, simple mistakes are too common. Your understanding is correct. The software is intuitive and easy to learn. Your specific Type of license will require specific examination methods.

The servers with the records must be located within the United States. The National Shooting Sports Foundation breaks them down nicely.

03 FFL (C&R) Bound Book Template - Gear

The new ruling allows for the consolidation of these records, but with a few requirements. Originally Posted by swinokur.

ATF Compliance Made Simple. GuaranteedThe ATF s Requirements for Electronic A&D Books

ATF Compliance Made Simple. Guaranteed

The result is you get everything you want in an electronic bound book, at a price you can afford, fairy tales for children pdf from a company where we are gun enthusiasts and committed to the product for the long haul. Our Electronic Bound Book Options.

Why is the accuracy of my firearms logbooks so important? Using the software is almost fail proof. Now that I have gotten used to using it, I can definitely see a savings in time processing things. Just like your spiral bound books, software is required to collect the same information. Please complete the form below and we will be in contact shortly.

The source of the data is cited at the bottom of the page. Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. You can print these pages out double sided is great and put them in a three ring binder to meet the requirements of your Firearms Collectors Log Book. Originally Posted by Chaunsey.

What if your employee drags and drops incorrect serial numbers. Find More Posts by Chaunsey.

Can't wait to get started. Look forward to everything still to come and have the opportunity to grow my business with this software!

All other records and forms are automated through the retail sales process. Failure to make accurate entries is considered a public safety violation. Every time we have a question or need something Bryan and his team are more than willing to help and never make you feel like your bothering them.

Find More Posts by swinokur. Members List Social Groups Calendar. Your data is backed up daily to protect from any data loss. It is easy to use and for the most part can be modified to fir your business needs! Electronic inventory counts can be started and run manually with hand counts or the automated method with the use of inventory labels and barcode scanners.

Business keeps your bound book while you manage your business. Are the entries in my gun logbooks accurate? Gun control is not about guns, it's about control.