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Use care when adding distilled water. Disconnect the choke cable. Emission Control Systems Carbon monoxide does not react in the same way, but it is toxic. Never run the engine in an enclosed area. Do not use emery or sand paper on the commutator.

The secondary air supply system introduces filtered air into exhaust gases in the exhaust port. Clean the oil strainer screen thoroughly. The construction is such that when a foreign body, a needle, nail etc. Fresh air is drawn into the exhaust port whenever there is a negative pressure pulse in the exhaust system.

Install the drive pulley face and washer. Warm up the engine to operating temperature.

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Insert the reamer from the combustion chamber side of the head and always rotate the reamer clockwise. Close the key shutter by turning the shutter pin anticlockwise. Slide the dust cover off the starter motor terminal. Hold the shaft and draw the driveshaft into the bearing inner race by turning the nut.

Riding a scooter with faulty suspension increases your risk of an accident and possible injury. Connect the peak voltage adaptor probes to the ignition pulse generator wire and ground wire terminals of the wire harness side connector. Engine Oil If the oil level is below or near the lower level mark, add the recommended engine oil to the upper level mark. Check for continuity between each commutator bar and the armature shaft.

Do not move the scooter by holding it by Release the boss from mounting the rear grip when the body cover lifted up. Press the button to sound the horn.

Honda activa user manual pdf

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Honda activa 2009 Owner s Manual

To help you make informed decisions about safety, we have provided operating procedures and other information on labels in this manual. The colour table is attached below. Check the continuity between the wire terminals of the handlebar switch connector. There should be continuity with the brake lever applied, form ww in pdf and there should be no continuity with the brake lever is released.

When the needle makes a pinhole, the liquid will be pushed between the needle and the tube. Clean the scooter with a sponge or soft Dry the scooter start the engine, and cloth using cool water. If the brake light switch actuation and brake engagement are off, either replace the switch unit or the malfunctioning parts of the system.

The engine must be at normal operating Front Wheel Removal temperature for accurate idle speed adjustment. Position the assembly collar against the driveshaft bearing inner race. You can be burned or seriously injured Lubricate brake cable with commercially available cable lubricant to when handling fuel.

Honda activa user manual pdf

Do not move the scooter when body cover is lifted up. Suspend the cam chain with a piece of wire to prevent it from falling into the crankcase. Improper assembly may lead to loss of braking capacity. Install the engine into the frame.

Use a middle strength locking agent unless otherwise specified. Hold the flywheel with the universal holder and tighten the nut.

Check the screen for damage and the O-ring for damage or deterioration. Coat the lip and circumference of a new oil seal with engine oil. Bars discolored in pairs indicate shorted coils.

Connect the starter motor ground wire from frame. If the scooter is used in wet or dusty areas, more frequent inspections are required. Work in a well ventilated area. Spin the wheel slowly and read the runout using a dial indicator. Measure the cam lobe height.

Be careful not to damage the brush and armature. Stop the engine, and connect the multimeter as shown. Install the battery in the reverse order of removal. Check for This scooter has an automatic fuel cock.

Install and tighten the nut. Provide adequate ven- tilation when charging.

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Drive the ball bearing into the driven face with the sealed side facing down. After installation check that there is no fuel leaks. Current flow higher than the range selected may blow out the fuse in the tester. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Install the plate and secure them with E-clips.

Their functions are described in the tables on the following pages. It is not effective the tyres will be underinflated. Stop the engine, Liftup the body cover. The motor could suddenly start, causing serious injury. Never run the engine in a closed area.

Use only genuine Honda parts or its equivalent. Refer to the Official Honda Shop Manual. Use genuine Honda or Honda-recommended parts and lubricants or their equivalents. Close the key shutter Incase of Activa Deluxe. Incase of Activa Standard Place the scooter on its center stand.

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