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Page Check the high coolant temperature If the High temperature indicator. Bump starting is also not recommended.

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Replace the tyre if you can see fabric or cord. Make sure you understand all the safety messages.

Repair Manual Honda Stream.pdf download

Apply the polish or wax according to the instructions on the container. Check the cables for tension or stress in all steering positions. Never climb hills with excessively slippery or loose surfaces.

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Repair Manual Honda Stream.pdf download

See your Honda dealer or refer to official Honda Shop Manual. Press down on the seat until locks.

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Other Checks Check the reverse assist lever and cable for loose connections or other damage. When you approach any obstacle, reduce your speed and be prepared to stop. Safety Labels Anyone who rides the vehicle should read and understand this information before riding. Oil conforming to the standard is labeled on the oil container. Slow charge the battery page once a month.

To stop, close the throttle and gradually apply both the front and rear brakes. Installation Insert the front prongs into the hooks on the frame and press the studs into the grommets.

Page Use only a non-abrasive polish or wax made specifically for motorcycles or automobiles. An added benefit of any Honda vehicle is the ample supply of resources available to help you take care of routine maintenance.

Take time to read this section before you ride. They have some models that focus on fuel economy, allowing for exceptional gas mileage. Car came in good condition except a bid cut on the bumper which wasnt disclosed. Check local regulations before riding. The item comes with a lot of scratches on the side.

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Important Safety Precautions Keep cigarettes, sparks, and flames away from all fuel- related parts. Make sure the accessory does not obscure any lights, reduce ground clearance, limit suspension travel or steering travel, or interfere with operating any controls. Charge the battery page as required. Do not open the throttle suddenly or make abrupt turns.

Always exercise caution, and use extra care on rough, slippery and loose terrain. If replacement is necessary, see your Honda dealer. Oberg Honda Malaysia Racing Team.

Some newer Honda models do sport luxurious features, but their sister brand, Acura, is targeted on the luxury market, while Honda focuses on the middle-class market just below. Honda stopped production of the Honda Stream in for the Japanese and Singaporean markets. As soon as possible, have the tyre permanently repaired by your Honda dealer. In Singapore, fortune global 500 list 2013 pdf the Honda Stream is available through the authorised distributor and parallel import. Review from the customer who bought Honda Stream from Safari Direct.

Maintenance Safety Other tasks that are more difficult and require special tools are best performed by professionals. Turn the nut in direction if the switch operates too late and in direction if the switch operates too soon. Throttle Loosen the lock nut. Transaction went smooth will be a repeat customer.

Valves For those who are mechanically proficient and have the proper tools, instructions on adjusting valve clearances are given in the official Honda Shop Manual. Instructions for other components are presented in other sections of this manual where they will be most useful.

Check all bolts and other fasteners are secure. Clip Removal Press down on the center pin to release the lock. The three-way fuel valve is used to control the flow of fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel pump unit. Begin by practicing on smooth, gentle slopes.

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This price is fixed by sellers selling cars on tradecarview. Nails or other foreign objects embedded in the side of the tyre or tread. If a label comes off or becomes hard to read, contact your Honda dealer for replacements.

If any water drains, the brake seals must be replaced by your Honda dealer as soon as possible. Everything went smoothly and I love the car. Ordinary rope is not recommended because it can stretch under load.

Drivers of street vehicles may have difficulty seeing and avoiding you, which could lead to a collision. Tool Kit The gear change tool is stored underside of the seat. Check for deterioration or cracks in the hoses and fittings.

Do not press the throttle lever while starting in gear. Reinstall the bolt securely.

Who do I pay to and how do I transfer the money? Avoid using an automotive-type battery charger. Learn more about how we use Cookies. Price of a new car in Japan Price of a brand-new car in Japanese market.