Intermec Sr61 Manual Pdf

Specifications And Reading Distances Specifications and Reading Distances This appendix contains the technical specifications and reading distances for each scanner model. You can check your battery status at any time.

Setup Beep Setup Beep Enables or disables the setup beep. Press firmly until inserted all the way. You can be seriously injured, and equipment and data can be damaged if you do not follow the safety warnings and cautions.

The values you set for these configuration commands determine how the scanner operates. Trigger Timeout near-far range area imager only. Scanning Bar Codes Long-term exposure to the laser beam can damage your vision. For additional keyboards see EasySet.

Planet Sets the preamble that precedes any data you scan. Click on the Hardware tab and then click on the Device Manager button. Print the page out and scan the bar code. Power is provided either by the host or by the external power supply connected to the cable.

Problems And Possible Solutions The battery is low. You can either attach the holder to a wall with screws or attach the holder to a vehicle with tie-wraps.

You should also be familiar with Bluetooth communications. For more information, see the instructions that ship with the charger. Common preambles include a data location number or an operator number.


Sets the trigger timeout for the Trigger Mode command. To order accessories, contact your local Intermec sales representative. Country Of Origin is another typical data field included in this symbology. Problems And Possible Solutions Use this section to find possible solutions to problems you may have.

Intermec SR61T User Manual


The Online setup diaglog box appears. Select No, not at this time then click Next.

Intermec SR61BXR Cordless Hand Held Scanner

Information and specifications contained in this document are subject to change without prior notice and do not represent a commitment on the part of Intermec Technologies Corporation. Intermec Technologies Corporation. The type of cable depends on the host device or intermec computer your are using.

The symbols are concatenated as they are scanned and can be scanned in any order. These characteristics are controlled by configuration commands.

Intermec technologies scanner user manual pages. To order printed versions of the Intermec manuals, contact your local Intermec representative or distributor. For example, pdf printer unix you hear a beep each time you scan a valid bar code. Here you will find a list of required and optional accessories.

The wrist strap provides you with a. Using Vibrate Alert The aiming beam is smaller when the imager is closer to the bar code and larger when it is further away. The sample code included in this document is presented for reference only.

Read and follow all warnings and cautions in this document before handling and operating Intermec equipment. Accessories Accessories There are several different accessories available. However all cables are connected to the scanner in the same way. Gtin Processing laser scanner only.

Updates included new cables and data transmission settings. The data is entered into your application. The first time you start EasySet, the Select product dialog box appears. The type of scan engine you are using and the type of bar code you are decoding determines the way you scan the bar code. This configurations are indicated with blue text.

Charge the battery immediately, and then try scanning again. To disconnect, scan the disconnect bar code. The default keyboard is North America. To clean the scanner window, you can use soapy water, a solution of ammonia and water, or isopropyl alcohol.


Use these configuration bar codes to select the keyboard for your country. Resetting Your Scanner To reset your scanner, read the reset factory defaults configuration bar code. During this time, you can scan configuration bar codes but not data bar codes.