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The pick-up coil is mounted in the generator. The air cleaner element can become clogged under these condi- tions, and engine damage may result. The tool box is located on the left side of the motorcycle. When selecting your accessories, Overloading or improper loading can keep in mind the weight of the rider as cause loss of motorcycle control and an well as the weight of the accessories.

Replace the bearing in the following procedure if there is any- thing unusual. Also check the fuel cock for cracks. Hook your hel- met fastener ring to the latch and turn the key back to lock the holder. Before installing the gears, coat lightly engine oil to the driveshaft and countershaft. Clean the fuel filter with compressed air.

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If the chips or scratches have gone through to the bare metal, have a Suzuki dealer make the repair. Fit steel plates between the crankcase and the special tool when installing the crankshaft with the special tool. If the engine is dirtied, wash the machine with a steam cleaner before removing the engine.

Intruder vlt Intruder vlbt. After rinsing, progetto tettoia in legno pdf wipe off the motorcycle found at coin-operated car washes have with a wet chamois or cloth and allow it enough pressure to damage the parts of to dry in the shade. Knowing these limits and stay- dent occurs when a car traveling towards a ing within them will help you to avoid acci- motorcycle turns round corner in front of the dents.

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If any defects are found, replace the swingarm with a new one. They bear the following identification numbers.


Support the motorcycle by a jack and a wooden block, turn the rear wheel slowly by hand with the transmission shifted to Neutral. The fuel supply system stops the engine when the motorcycle is overturned.

The text of this manual is divided into sections. Your authorized model may have different standard features Suzuki dealer has experienced technicians from those shown in this manual. Holding the manual as shown at the right will allow you to find the first page of the section easily.

If no air bubbles are coming up from a filler port, tap the bottom of the two or three times. Inspect the fuel hose for damage and fuel leakage.

The decision to overhaul the cylinder is often based on the re- sults of a compression test. To fit the replacement bulb, push it in and turn it to the right while pushing. Replace the air cleaner element with a new one if it is torn. Rotate the inner race by finger to inspect for abnor- mal noise and smooth rotation.


Do not use bad gasoline which is con- taminated with dirt, dust, water or other liq- uid. Page If the ignition system is operating properly, a blue spark should jump across the spark plug gap.

Turn the handlebars all the way to the left. Also check that the stator core is insulated.


Carbon buildup on piston crown. More frequent servicing may be performed on motorcycles that are used under severe conditions. Coat the valve seat with Prussian Blue and set the valve in place. Turn the throttle grip away from you to cle may begin to slow down and show close the throttle completely.

Brief contact with oil may irritate skin. If any abnormality is found, replace the component with a new one. Float chamber fuel level too low. Repeated, unit to lock up and cause an accident.

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If any abnormality is found, replace the respective switch assemblies with new ones. Before installing the oil nozzle, check or clean its oil passage.