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The case studies are a bit dated, but relevant. There was not a lot of graphics or pictures, but the links do work that are embedded for external work. The greatest issue with the interface, however, is the amount of white space that is included in the text.

Principles of Management

Mba principles of management pdf

The learning objective and summary for each chapter is good. There were no obvious inaccuracies in the summaries of the concepts and thinkers, although some sections could be criticized as limited, vague, superficial, or uncritical. Principles of Management provides support to cultural inclusion in it's discussion of globalization and global trends, values-based leadership, and to some level related to ethics and culture. The books concepts will keep for a while, when it comes to management theories there are always more being presented fades and there are those that keep the core concepts.

Mba principles of management pdf

Much of the textbook is made up of summaries of different concepts and models connected to management, with an emphasis on contemporary writers and psychosocial theories. These parts are very good at focusing the conversation in the larger sections. Each chapter contains an activity for students to complete that allows them the opportunity to learn more about their own behavior and biases.

Principles of Management - Open Textbook Library

The only thing I personally didn't like was downloaded on iBooks you had to swipe versus clicking to turn the page. Beyond a few minor typos, the book was clearly written.

It also introduces the concepts of unconscious bias early in the text. Cultural inclusion is important to me so I am sensitive to inclusivity of races, ethnicities and backgrounds in my approach to resources and the classroom environment. University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. Clearly based in a American capitalist approach to knowledge, this book is on par with most American textbooks in this area. The concepts are up to date with what is important and covered in a principles of management course.

The book comes in multiple formats for the convenience of the reader. Bureaucracy, as a term with negative connotations, is only mentioned in passing as an example of mechanistic structures, which are seen as an exception. The organization of the text was presented well.

Each section included a list of references. Both of these examples are strange and much better examples taken from businesses could have been provided and then discussed in some detail. The textbook covers subject matter found in most management texts such as the four foundations of management - planning, organizing, leading and controlling P-O-L-C.

In one section, there is simply a reference to the Columbia Encyclopedia, which was not helpful. As note, however, this is something that could easily be addressed through classwork.

Mba principles of management pdf

Yes, very logical and easy to read as mentioned before. With technological advances and competitive nature of business, this book's relevance and longevity is based more on the subject matter. Organization of the text is clear and logical. For a textbook on industrial-focused management, the relative silence to the contrast between union and at-will employment conditions is unfortunate. The text was unique in covering the basics of each area within each context while tying it in with many factors that managers deal with.

With some exceptions, the references are to short articles that could easily be retrieved by a Google search. In fact, each chapter links back to P-O-L-C very well.

For my needs, from what I have been taught and from what I have learned in the working world, I found it adequate. Another one of the text strengths is its focus on helping students understand their own behavior. This book does seem to be written in clear, concise prose, with good support and definition for new terms and for jargon. It seems apparent that there was a great deal of work involved in the preparation of the book manuscript. This text book is one that we selected a few chapters from for our course.

There were not many graphics. Obama only occurs as a marginal participant in a group shot of world leaders.

But we did not use all of the chapters for our course. Like any electronic resource, it takes a bit of getting familiar with, but it appears to be very user-friendly. Glossary of key terms is embedded within each chapter and could perhaps be broken out in a separate chapter section end of chapter? This book is written in a way that the concepts are covered thoroughly without being verbose or difficult to understand. The book carried consistent terminology and framework.

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Management concepts do not change much over time, but how they are implemented and communicated do and I feel this addresses that need for change. They are applying it to their personal and professional lives. The pictures in the text include people of a variety of ethnicities.

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Having more current up to date case studies would be more interesting to the students and more engaging since it would be current or within the last couple of years at least. The photographs, for instance, do not support the text very well. This reflects and underlying and growing trend that students, including the undergraduates this book targets, can see themselves as entrepreneurs and active change agents, but not just as managers. The information is presented to my professional adult undergraduate students in a way that is engaging, practical, and accessible. In my opinion, a herdeira em pdf that reference not only shows a different light on this company but also reminds the reader of the need for nonprofit organizations to be focused on innovation.

The book's clarity is good as provides adequate context for terminology utilized. The entrepreneurial theme is not as prevalent as their introduction would suggest. The terminology and framework of the text are consistent. It is the leader and leadership that combine the principles of management the artist's palette, tools, and techniques to create the art of management. It is intuitive and as current as it can be.

It had many concepts of most Principles of Management resources for assisting students in learning. Each of the concepts that are typically covered in a Principles of Management course are included in this manuscript. The chapters are well organized in Principles of Management and the topics in each chapter build upon each other throughout the chapter. Key terminologies were highlighted and explained well.