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Packaging also enables or promotes sales process and makes it more efficient. Manioc flour and solidified sugar are also packed in leather cases and pouches. It also aims to appeal to the customer in terms of shape, size, color, convenience, etc.

Packaging Technology

Al series contains additional manganese which makes it stiff and corrosion resistant. Other issues relevant to each of the major packaging materials known to modern civilization are also covered.

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Typical exit temperature should be in the range of o C. Therefore, the depth is limited to avoid excessive distortion, which can lead to failure. This is produced by a high speed cold reduction process. Butadiene lacquer - High heat resistance - Prevent discoloration - Used for beer and soft drinks f.

Canning The most common use of metals for packaging is in tin and aluminum cans. Primary packaging refers to the retail pack, the one that encloses the product, as sold in the retail outlet. Originating from natural materials such as skins, leaves, and bark, tremendous progress has been made in the development of diversified packaging materials and packaging equipment. With its distinguished editors and expert contributors, zhou daguan a record of cambodia pdf Packaging technology is a standard text for the packaging industry.

This allows for savings as only the required amount of tin, which is expensive, will be applied. It is more permeable to gases and water vapour. However, many plastics with poor printability can be made printable by corona treatment, in which an ionic discharge is used to sensitize one side of the plastic. It is resistant to oils and organic solvents but is affected by alcohols and strong acids. Chemical hazards It includes light and ultraviolet radiation that can affect the shelf life of the product.

Another disadvantage of steel is the high-energy requirement during manufacture. There are many different types of polyester, depending on the monomers used.

Road trucks Road has the advantage of being cheap, and can take the goods directly from the producer to the retailer. Physical hazards Physical hazards are mainly the mechanical hazards encountered in storage, during loading and unloading and in transit from the factory to the retailer and consumer. Presentational aspects deal with the appeal, and it encourages sale. High humidity may be a problem.

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Vegetable fibres These natural raw materials are converted into fibres to produce the yarn, string or cord for packaging materials. Aluminium for light metal packaging is used in a relatively pure form, with manganese and magnesium added to improve the strength properties. This can cause internal stress distorting the product.

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The tin coating may be the same weight on both the sides of the plate or it may be different by using a differential coating process. This identifies the pack and makes it distinct from other similar products.

Plastics, being synthetic, can be tailormade to meet specific requirement or achieve a combination of properties. Its main advantage is its ability to seal through the contaminated sealing surfaces. It is a poor barrier to gas, moisture, odours and flavours. Its structure thus has a benzene ring attached to each alternate carbon. This method uses less material in the manufacturing of can as compared to the three piece can.

Food Packaging Technology provides a contemporary overview of food processing and packaging technologies. Comprehensive in scope and authoritative in its coverage, Packaging technology provides the ideal introduction and reference for both students and experienced packaging professionals.

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It is often used in coextrusions in very small amounts. These have better impact strength and flexibility, but the plastic is translucent as some clarity is lost. These ionic bonds strengthen and stiffen the polymer without reducing its melt processability. The end is applied via a double seam. It must cut properly, seal well and run smoothly or else there will be stoppages and wastage, or the risk of product failing in the shops due to faulty packaging.

Most plastic materials are derived from the distillation of oil into long chained hydrocarbons. Machine factors are very relevant to the selection of plastic materials as they are usually used with high speed machines. This reaction involves hydrogen gas which causes the can to bulge, but is not due to microbial spoilage. Sometimes to increase the compression strength of the can, it is corrugated or ribbed or beaded. It has good resistance to creep under load so is suitable for use in crates and boxes.

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Biological hazards can be divided into macro and micro sections. The primary package must provide information about weight, ingredients, date of manufacture and expiry, etc. Air transportation has the risk of high frequency vibration, pressure and temperature drops. The cap is generally aluminium due to its ductility. The requirements of the product b.

Molds make the substrate acidic and break down paper products. Earthenware Earthenware is used worldwide for storage of liquids and solid foods such as curd, yoghurt, beer, dried food, honey, etc. Other details such as how to cook, store and serving suggestions may also be provided. The uncontrolled oxide growth can cause yellow discoloration of the plate surface and effects lacquering and printing process, i. It is basically a cylindrical container with a shoulder and nozzle at one end formed by impact extrusion of heat treated lubricated slugs of metal, generally aluminium.