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However, the body, much like an expensive automobile, must be finely tuned if it is to run properly and utilize this energy to the maximum. Human sexuality portal Biology portal. Similar results were obtained with drugs and alcohol. If everything functions excellently, everything takes care of itself and you do not have to do anything. On the other hand, the worst human beings are always sexual degenerates whose bodies and minds are decayed.

Enoch did not die because God chose him, and God chose him because he walked with Him. All the progeny of Adam, listed in the Book of Genesis, had a time of birth and a time of death, except for Enoch. It was a shame that these much-needed philosophical treasures were buried under such selfishness and incompetence. These realizations caused Taoists to create a complete system of methods and techniques called the Tao of Sexology.

With that Taoists hoped to elevate self-healing to its fullest potential, to energize the whole body to defy time. The Book of Infinite Wisdom. Energy is the basis for the apparent solid structures of the body and all that pertains to its anatomy as well. It also contains a thorough description of the mechanisms of formation of homosexuality in both sexes.

Tao of Sexology Sexual Wisdom and Methods

The Congress and these proceedings mark an historical mile stone for sexology in international scientific cooperation. The Tao of Sexology techniques provide a direct, tangible experience of God. Clearly, sexology has come of age. Outline of human sexuality. Unlike certain religions, which rely upon faith and prayer as the only means of helping the followers, al paradiso delle signore emile zola pdf Taoism places great emphasis upon active practice.

From your weaker resistance in the second trial, you can easily determine the amount of energy emitted from the body through your eyes. Instead of studying death and disease, they study life and health and the methods for maintaining them.

Because Taoism is the only philosophy that deals with immortality. They allow the couple to merge their energy at the level of their respective organs and awaken their intuitive and spiritual centers. Our hormones influence us continually, in our thinking, feeling, and body.

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Never before have so many professional organizations supported such a conference or so many scholars, from so many coun tries, participated in such a conference. If the first six glands are not filled to their capacity, then the seventh gland or House of Spirit will not be filled either. Yet, the ancients have already furnished us with a great deal of information about the structure, nature, and purpose of the endocrine system and the immune system.

As mentioned before, we must experience God to gain everlasting life. Another ancient alchemical term is water. All of these problems can be prevented or corrected by properly functioning sexual organs. God gave us life and time on earth to learn and practice the lessons of Godliness, which are necessary for spiritualizing the physical body.

They also knew that the sexual glands could be used as a source of life force for their own bodies. When the sexual glands are strong, the anal muscles are also strong.

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To prevent diseases one must protect the immune system. And when aging is prevented, death is prevented.

Equilibrium Among Vessels. Morality must be lifted to a new height. Kirlian photography, done with high voltage equipment, captures the image of energy emission from the body and enables the naked eye to see how the body loses energy.

Pdf sexology

Each Vessel gland is dependent upon all the others for its supply of liquid energy. Chang a concentrated effort of illumination and inspiration. It inspires our greatest acts, sustains us in difficult times, gives us hope, inspiration, and purpose. To prevent death, one need only prevent the small diseases. An example of the former relationship is the difficulty involved in inserting something as thin as a thermometer into the anus of an infant.

Yet there is still more, as explained below. In other words, Jesus possessed a spiritualized body.

Stifling of sexual desires leaves people unsatisfied, for they are not bodiless spirits as long as they live on earth. Scientific study of human sexuality. It is necessary that they do, but their major concern is to prevent disease, to prevent their students from ever contracting a disease in the first place.

The sexual glands form the base of the glandular complex. In fact, a person will lose energy even if both partners have the same energy level. Certainly Taoists know how to heal.

This teaching of Jesus is one of many that coincides with Taoist teachings. Women's Studies International Forum. This study provides an examination of the formation of sexual theory between the s and s and its migration across national and disciplinary boundaries. By sharing true love, giving true love and receiving true love, two people learn to understand the nature of God. It is also called the House of Essence.

Asexual Bisexual Heterosexual Homosexual. So is a surefire technique that overcome exhaustion and tight schedules to strengthen the bond between a couple. Hence, many must find other ways of getting closer to God, but in the course of their search many will develop sexual complexes, which frustrate their spiritual aspirations.

Popular Sexology Books

That is why we have antibiotics and other medicines. Elijah is another example of mortals whose physical bodies were eternalized. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. Why should we want to experience God?

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