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Hi, You can download the latest version and all your issues will be fixed. Just insert a tag in any article with the required address. Run your own mini Eventbrite within your own Joomla Site?

It might help to link back to some of the other viewer types. People Suggest By Techjoomla. Was a bit worried about responsiveness but that worked too.

For example show differences between original photo and processed version of it. Data can be shown in as a social stream or a wall. It can be useful for creating products presentations, portfolio, gunning for god pdf showing latest news and others. This is not just a simple messenger for Joomla.

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How to embed a PDF in a Joomla Article

MailAlerts by Techjoomla you too can send your users periodic email alerts of whats happening on your site. Main features Contains module with user friendly interface and plugins which provides ability to use the lightbox in any Joomla! This plugin let visualize my documents in the article of my website. It is working fine on all our demos.

Users can select if they want to receive daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly updates. Add some more Monetization Punch to you Website today! In this case, you have to manually check the developer site to download and install new versions with new features, enhancements, security or bug fixes. Let this plugin solve that for you. Putting pdf articles on my club website.

If you need anything else, contact our support team. The extension creates a draggable slider to compare two images. The extension has been updated.

It would be nice if relative addresses were relative to the joomla images folder. It is compatible with Joomla! You can have a look at the documentation again.

Then enable the plugin and save. To embed a pdf file on a webpage. It just says no preview available. However, I did everything right and the plugin is not working.

This feature is similar to the Mutual Friends feature at orkut. Use this module to encourage users to complete their profiles. You can download the latest version and all your issues will be fixed. This application needs the Jomsocial Extension.

However, the pdfjs viewer works. Embedding pdf files on a webpage. It supports ability to create books based on images from selected folder s. It seemed to be easy to install and use.

PDF Embed by Techjoomla - Joomla Extension Directory

Solved a tricky issue was was presented with in seconds. Don't recommend this product. It was not immediately clear where the documentation resides, but once the plugin has been installed, it will tell you. So you guys are aware that most of the promotion and interaction happens on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

How to embed a PDF in a Joomla 3.5 Article

Very simple setup, watch the Youtube video. The module has been updated. It does what is needs to do. You can add a forum post if you need anything else.

Step1 Log into your Google Docs account

Demo Support Documentation. New version of the extension is ready.

You can load images from your server, from Flickr or Picasa. Please check again and revert your review. InviteX was written with a very clear goal in mind - Help site administrators increase their site visitors and members using Viral Invitations. MailAlerts is an automated periodic Email Alerts system.