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The Gathering is a novel by Kelley Armstrong. Literature written by Kelley Armstrong. Not to be confused with the American politician Kelly Armstrong.

Then say hello to Superknife! The only thing stopping him is an adorable kitten named Fluffy. It's based on a Chinese Whisper Scenario. When one of his customers loses something valuable in his store he decides to take advantage of the situation. His facial features and his lack of Texan drawl makes her think that he is Native American.

Serena, captain of Salmon Creek High swim team, drowned in the lake, and Maya is guiltridden for not being able to save her friend. Bullion by Josh Park Short, Comedy - A stand-up comedian, in the midsts of a dramatic new life change that's forcing him to grow up, finds Nazi gold in the backyard. Substitute Angels by Tyler Higgins Higgonaitor Short, Comedy - What happens when you desperately need advice but your guardian angel has called in sick? The events actually start a year before with the death of Maya's friend, Serena. Strictly Platonic by Evan Jones Short, Comedy - A Fat and lazy man looking for romance puts a personal ad on Craig's List but uses his roommates picture instead of his own.

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This probably happens all the time. Local Hero by Mark Renshaw Short, Comedy - A teenager discovers he's from a long line of superheroes with quite unusual powers and a famous arch nemesis. This results in denials and more accusations, until Sam insinuates that Maya had sex with Daniel after the helicopter crash, provoking Nicole into attacking her. Sylvain Short, Comedy - During a luncheon, two co-workers try to convince their trusting friend to confront his wife, who they believe is having an affair.

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Nearly all are from English speaking parts of the world, although there are a few foreign language items. With no empty rooms and no cot, the man and woman find a way to handle their situation. She and Maya were swimming in a lake. Cocaine by Simon Parker Short, Comedy - A nervous boy at a party is offered drugs for the first time in his life, but too much of a good thing might not be so great.

The date soon becomes a nightmare as Amy runs into one ex after another. He doesn't kiss her, though, promising to claim his prize without prying eyes. Fright Movie by Adam Mosquito Short, Comedy - A short film, that takes a satirical look on many of the supernatural-horror films to come out over the past years. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

Keller Short, Comedy - A middle-aged woman takes matters into her own hands when her husband refuses to go outside to smoke. At least I hope it's an extreme example. Axeing the Zombie by James Moen dethan Short, Comedy - Jake has been fired from his job as a zombie extra but like any good zombie he won't go away. However, both adopt two very different comforting techniques.

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Gym Bunnies by Bill Sarre Reef Dreamer writing as Anonymous Short, how to create a pdf fillable form with word 2010 Comedy - When a hotchpotch of Disney characters are sent to a gym they soon discover there is more to this gathering than expected. The Gathering is the first book in Armstrong's Darkness Rising trilogy.

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Kelley Armstrong Wikip dia

Darkness Rising is the second trilogy in the Darkest Powers series. Harboring an unfiltered disdain, Muldoon, the detective, refuses. Most of her works have a mystery genre plot, with leading characters investigating some novel situation or unsolved question. When he realizes his grandfather has a serendipitous inside connection, he sees his opportunity to go big. Monster's Contest by Cindy L.

Superman's Revenge by Tim Ratcliffe trojan Short, Comedy, Horror - Two guys are about to learn that screwing the wrong guy's wife can have dire consequences. Back to work with a broken foot, Dave must rescue his love interest from the office bully. From Beginning to Now by Vladimir Jovanovski Short, Comedy, Fantasy - On the guidance of an angel, a lonely man warns strangers of their impending demise. This is enough to convince Maya of Sam's claims.

The answer might surprise you. Supachav, innit by Dustin Bowcott Short, Comedy - An ignorant chav doles out his own brand of justice. For example they would say they Rob robbed it if it's Rob, Nick nicked it if it's Nick or Jack jacked it if it's Jack. Frustrations with exes and whys by Daneil Botha Short, Comedy - A teenage boy struggles through an algebra exam. Her father is the warden of Salmon Creek Park.

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However, an encounter with an ex-girfriend at the audition may make all worth while. Fight by Anthony Hudson alffy Short, Comedy - The workplace can be a dangerous place, especially when you're forced in to a contest against the reigning champion. In The Rising, Maya meets Sam again after she is captured by the Nasts, and is happy to see her, but doesn't hug her wisely. Later, he learns that he makes a terrible mistake. The Disk by Thomas Butcher Short, Comedy - A secret spy has trouble accessing the sensitive information provided by his boss.

Cats also die every time someone is curious. Wrong People in the Wrong Jobs by Vinni Chiocchi Short, Comedy - You know that one guy or girl that works with you who, for some unfathomable reason is still employed there. He suffers from severe headaches migraine which Maya and Daniel worry about. Unheard of comedy and witty humor.

All adding a both boyish yet comedic element to the mix. Keller Short, Comedy - A secretary loses her job, kills a squirrel, and is involved in a big misunderstanding all because she learns that her nitpicky mother is coming for a visit.